EZYGRAB Dash Mount Adhesive 3M


If you’d prefer to mount your car phone holder somewhere else other than the vent, you’ll need this dash adhesive mount.

Clean the surface with pure alcohol wipes and allow to dry before sticking onto the dash.

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EzyGrab Dash Mount Adhesive 3M provides a simple and effective solution for safely and conveniently mounting electronic devices inside your car. Dash Mount Adhesive 3M offers a versatile mounting solution with its slimline adhesive base and pivot head.


Secure Mounting

Helps you safely and quickly secure your phones while driving with a peace of mind. Dash Mount Adhesive can adhere to any flay and even slightly curved surfaces.


Adjustable Viewing

Easily mount your phone with your preferred viewing angle.


Sleek Design

Perfect match with your car’s interior with its black color and slimmer base.


Buy EzyGrab Dash Mount Adhesive 3M now and enjoy the comfort of your ride